Claire Mitchell

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26th March 2018
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15th October 2015

Claire Mitchell

Clare Mitchell is a landscape painter in the ‘plein air’ tradition: all her work is completed outdoors and onsite, in an attempt to capture a moment in time and place. Her working method involves travelling to location by a combination of train, bus and foot, looking carefully until she finds inspiration – sometimes waiting for the light, weather or tides to change.

She works on a small scale, enabling her to complete a painting in the field in the limited time before the light changes. Working outside provides a breadth of space and vision it is impossible to achieve in the studio. Providing the light is good Clare goes out all year round. Combatting the weather conditions often gives an exhilarating urgency and vigour to the painting process.

Clare studied at Hastings College of Art and Technology and lives in St Leonards on Sea. She exhibits annually at the Mall Gallery with the Royal Miniature Society, and has been exhibiting and selling her work consistently since 1999.