Focusing on Art

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7th December 2015
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25th February 2018
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Focusing on Art

A basic principle of interior design is to have a focal point in every room, something that catches your eye as you walk in but at the same time looks completely at home in its environment.

Working with art, I would argue the case for a painting to fill that role. Too often artwork is the final installment in a room and yet it can provide a wonderful link between well thought out wall coloring’s and beautiful pieces of furniture. It can serve as a statement piece or can be used to bring together a collaboration of interiors. It can give a traditional room a contemporary feel or it can be used to make a room welcoming and warm.

Even after working in the business for more than a decade I can still be surprised and enchanted by the way a painting can instantly make an impact, how it can look as if it was created for a particular space.

So whilst buying a painting is an investment it is one that can make a huge impact on the enjoyment of your home. In fact, more often than not it is the ingredient that makes the difference.